Hair Straightening

Want to tame unruly or frizzy hair? Or simply attain the look of smooth, fluid and lustrous hair?

At Good Hair Day we offer different options to achieve the optimum results for your hair type and desired look. One choice is ISO Maintaimer straightening products. If your hair is healthy and strong, ISO Maintaimer straightening products results are exceptional and very easy to live with. Your hair will be shimmering smooth. Another choice is Cadiveu’s Keratin straightening products. These products are more gentle but very effective, leaving your hair smooth and glossy. We also offer Cadiveu’s Acai Therapy. Acai therapy is ideal for thin, frizzy or wavy hair. This treatment adds density to the hair as well as smoothness and great shine.

Come in and talk with our stylists about the treatments best suited to your hair type and style to achieve the best of all possible beautiful outcomes.


  • Hair Straightening from $210+
  • Permanent Wave from $100 (senior rates available)